Balancing Chaos
#32 Interview with Jane Drichta, founder of the Global Motherhood Initiative
#31 Interview with children’s author Alex Hinrichs

#31 Interview with children’s author Alex Hinrichs

May 24, 2018

Kelley keeps texting us pics of her on a beach, so Gretchen interviewed Alexandra Hinrichs, a children's book author, about her favorite books, how she managed to be a guest at the Getty Museum, and suggestions for aspiring writers! Also, Gretchen has some things to say about pockets. 

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Alexandra SD Hinrichs

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Getty: French Tapestry Exhibit

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Jamie Deenihan


12x12 Challenge


All the World

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Chris Van Dusen

A Bear Sat on My Porch Today 


Our Favorite Things

Alex: The Children's Book Podcast

Gretchen: Good Reads

[Rebroadcast] #15 Planning for the Unexpected

[Rebroadcast] #15 Planning for the Unexpected

May 17, 2018

Kelley is on a tropical vacation this week, so we are rebroadcasting one of our most popular episodes. After the initial podcast ran, we each had people contact us to let us know it compelled them to take action of life insurance, wills, and other important things that are hard to think about. Jamie was very gracious in sharing her story, with the hope that it would encourage people to think about the unthinkable, and that's exactly what happened. It's never too early to buy life insurance (but it can be too late to do so, so do it!) - G

Kelley and Gretchen are joined by Jamie, who was widowed at 34, and has advice for planning for the unexpected. Enjoying Balancing Chaos? Tell two friends, like us on Facebook, email us at, and don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes or Stitcher!


Mentioned on the podcast

Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Select Quote (you want TERM life! Not whole life.)

The TransAmerica Pyramid

Sarah Susanka, The Not So Big House

The Red File: Include marriage certificate, birth certificates, passports, wills, POA, mortgage information, list of accounts, health care providers etc.

Sheryl Sandberg, Katie Couric & Adam Grant on Living Option B*

Google's Inactive Account Manager (aka the Death Tool)

Medical School Anatomical Gift Programs

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, Mary Roach

How to setup and use Do Not Disturb on your iPhone

*I heard this as audio via the Death, Sex, and Money podcast, but it was originally from the 92nd Street Y.


Our Favorite Things! 

Jamie: Motion Activated Toilet Bowl Light & Amazon Echo

Kelley: Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass

Gretchen: Hopkins Arctic Plow Snow Remover

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#29 Gun Safety and Self Reflection
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