Balancing Chaos

#39 Interview with Dustin Smiley

August 16, 2018

Kelley and I interview Dustin Smiley (husband of Sarah Smiley from two past episodes) about retiring from the Navy, becoming a LifeFlight helicopter pilot and real estate agent, and realizing that Bangor was going to be their forever home.

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Mentioned on the podcast

Lifeflight of Maine

Dustin Smiley, real estate agent

(We talked a lot about Sarah's various articles, so here are some that were mentioned!)

 Sarah Smiley: What makes this state stand out

Sarah Smiley: Snowblower Lesson Spells Trouble

Sarah Smiley: Dustin hoards shoes - for mowing the lawn 

Sarah Smiley: More than two years later, tough decision to stay in Maine worth it

Our Favorite Things

Kelley: Lucerne Beach Club

Gretchen: Fujitsu Heat Pump

Dustin: Bangor, Maine

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