Balancing Chaos

#40 Back to School!

August 23, 2018

Gretchen and Kelley are headed back to school, and sharing how they feel about that and what they do to prepare.

Fact Check: We had eight snow days and five early release or delayed start days, so Kelley was actually more right than Gretchen.

(Near the end, during favorite things, you hear a big jet taking off, even though we were recording in her basement! It's not a plane at your house.)

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Mentioned on the podcast

Prominent pink paper-mache pig a product of political passion

Target Boys' Clothes

Hanna Andersson


Old Navy

Old Navy Maternity Tween Pants

Distressed Rockstar Jeggings




Lee Plain Relaxed All Day Pants

TOMS Fox shoes

Melitta Pour Over Filter


Our Favorite Things

Kelley: Bodum french press

Gretchen: Pyrex Simply Store 20 piece set (There are sets available at lots of places, but this combination had the right amount of what I needed.)

Here's the glass divided lunch container that Kelley mentions: Bentgo glass lunch container


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