Balancing Chaos

#6 Guns n’ Voters

November 10, 2017

In this episode, we talk about election results, being politically active, and where we stand on health care and gun reform.

Links mentioned:

The question every parent should be asking before a playdate

It was a Florida law that prevented doctors from asking about guns in the home. Here's a Washington Post article that explains it:

Have a check-up? Why your doctor might ask you if you own a gun.

The Dickey amendment prevents funding for research on gun violence:

Why gun violence research has been shut down for 20 years

After Maine approves Medicaid expansion, Governor raises objections


Our Favorite Things!

Kelley: Devafuser Hair Dryer (that's the whole shebang, but you can buy the creepy alien hand diffuser to use on your existing hair dryer for $50, too.)

Gretchen: Netflix and especially Parks and Rec. I also love that you can skip the intro on every episode! No ads, no waiting through the theme song. Perfect. (and yes, we talked about Netflix last week, but after a 10 day internet blackout, returning to the comforts of our cord-cutter lifestyle was much appreciated.)